About Atena

Atena has received some recognition and awards through her psychic work that has led to many interesting experiences. Atena uses this experience to help her clients through life's circumstances with her psychic consultations. She connects with her spirit guides and elementals of the earth who help us to live in harmony with ourselves and each-other, giving you an insight to achieving this harmony within your own life. 

Atena's Main Spirit Guide is a large and unusual Viking who is very charismatic and has a friendly demeanor but does not mess around. He is very protective, and his purpose is to work with Atena to help people achieve their highest good. This work has also attracted element spirits that have always been there to guide Atena in the realms of spirit and keep her heart close to nature and the positive environment of our planet’s natural healing energies. She uses these and other spirit messengers to help communicate with your spirits anywhere in the world. In spirit, physical space and distance does not exist. Intentions manifest at the speed of thought and she uses this lack of physical obstacles in her psychic readings and spiritual work every day.

Atena has been a psychic all her life, started practicing professionally at the age of 32. She has been a Certified Reiki Practitioner for over a decade, also practices Rising Star Energy and works in various methods of spiritual practices. She is also an accomplished Paranormal researcher that gives her a unique and down to earth approach to the spiritual.

Feel free to request a reading by text or contact me with any questions prior to your reading. 

Send a text or call Atena at 828-246-5536

Appointments may be necessary for full readings over the telephone. No appointment is needed for readings via text or e-mail.

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